Bed Bug Prevention

Bed Bug Treatment and PreventionBed_Bugs

The Bug Guy provides a full line of bedbug inspection, detection, prevention and treatment products and services. The Bug Guy has successfully treated hundreds of bed bug infestations with excellent results at a fraction of the cost of alternative treatments. Because of the complexity and individuality of each case, contact The Bug Guy for a free consolation and quote.

Bed Bug Protection Plan ( Price based on number of bedrooms)

Bed Bugs are back in full force and they do not discriminate- upper class/lower class, urban/rural, good housekeeper/not-so-good housekeeper – they don’t care! Bed Bugs are rapid spreaders, and fairly difficult to locate and treat – resulting in large outbreaks in our service area recently. In an effort to reduce the possible impact to our customers and provide early detection, we have developed a comprehensive plan that provides protection and security.

Our plan includes:

a) Box Spring and Mattress Encasements – for each bedroom in the house – think of these as insurance policies for your expensive bed sets. Encasements keep bed bugs from infiltrating.

b) Monitors & Detection Devices – for each bedroom in the house – aids in early detection.

c) Inspections – a minimum of semi-annual inspections by THE BUG GUY trained technicians.

d) Treatments at NO Additional Cost – In the unfortunate event that you do bring a bed bug home with you, your elimination treatments conducted by THE BUG GUY will be at no cost….Saving you hundreds, potentially thousands of dollars.