FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the Bug Guy services:


(1)   What are some of the common pests that are controlled by The Bug Guy??

The Bug Guy handles most common house hold pests including but not limited to: ants, asian beetles, box elder bugs, flies, spiders, wasps, mosquitoes, chiggers, cockroaches, bed bugs, mice, and rats.

(2)   Why should the outside rather than the inside of my home or business be treated for pests?

By treating the exterior of your home or business, pests can be stopped in their tracks before they ever get inside and invade your family’s living space where they can potentially cause problems and even damage.

(3)   If I already have some pests inside my home or business, can the inside be sprayed to control the pests?

Yes, the BUG GUY can spray the interior to control pests who have already made their way into the structure.  The BUG GUY uses an interior safe spray, which is odorless and doesn’t stain.  It is approved to be used in food preparation area’s and safe to be used around pets and children after a short wait, and it’s plant friendly!

(4)   How long does the BUG GUY perimeter treatment typically last?

It’s difficult to give an exact length of time on how long a treatment will last because it often depends on your specific pest problem and weather conditions.  We have found that a treatment application lasts approximately 60 days.  Starting treatments in late spring, and ending in early fall will provide a good barrier during the high pest season.

(5)   What should I do to prepare for a BUG GUY treatment application?

One of the best things about perimeter pest control is how easy it is on you.  If you do not require an interior treatment, where you may be required to move or cover certain items, there is little preparation on your part prior to the BUG GUY applying the treatment.  Simply make the perimeter of the structure accessible to our professional applicators.  Another plus, since the exterior of your home or business is being treated, you don’t have to be home or at work while the BUG GUY applies the treatment.

(6)   Where exactly does the perimeter treatment take place?

The products the BUG GUY uses for perimeter treatments are typically in a band to soil, mulch, ornamental plantings, and lawn surrounding and adjacent to your structure.  It is also applied directly on your structures foundation and up the exterior walls at least 4 feet high.  The BUG guy will also spray around doors, windows, decks, and soffits, and eaves ( if we can reach them).  These are the area’s where pest are usually found and can gain entrance into your structure.

(7)   Will the treatment harm the grass, shrubbery, or flowers around my home or business or discolor the exterior surfaces?

We are careful to apply products as directed so that no damage to plants, yards, or surfaces will occur. The products the BUG GUY uses are registered for use on grass and ornamental plants, in addition to mulch and structural surfaces. Further, it will not mark or stain vinyl, painted, or other finished or unfinished surfaces where water alone does not stain.

(8)   Should children and pets be kept away from the treated area?

Children and pets should be kept out of the treated area until surfaces dry.  At that point, they are safe to re-occupy the treated area.

(9)   Is there any odor with the treatment?

Very little.  One of the advantages of some of the products we use is that there is very little odor.  It’s unlikely that you will know it’s there.  But the bugs will!